Ocular Emergencies

Are you experiencing hazy vision? Did you see flashes of light or many spots in your vision? Are your eyes very light sensitive? Are your eyes getting red and painful? All of these conditions could be a potential emergency which needs to be evaluated by an eye care professional. Our Optometrist is board certified in the US and Canada to examine, diagnose and treat most of these eye diseases and conditions so that you can rest assured you have the best possible care.

   Eye Care Markham  

72 Copper Creek, Markham ON L6B 0P2 
Tel. 905.554.5557

Treatment of hazy vision, flashes of light or many spots in vision, red and painful eyes etc.

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Insurance & Payments

We are pleased to accept most vision care plans as well as cash, debit, visa and mastercard. As a reminder, children 19 years and under and seniors 65 and over are covered annually through their ohip card. Diabetics and patients with certain eye conditions or diseases are also covered annually.

Eye Health Examinations

Vision testing, evaluation of eye movement, eye health assessment and much more.

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