Comprehensive Eye Health Examinations

An eye examination by our doctor is not merely a simple vision test. Eye exams include a pressure test for Glaucoma, vision testing to determine your optimal eyeglass or contact lens Rx, evaluation of eye movement and focusing ability, pupillary abnormalities testing (which can often indicate an underlying neurological disorder) as well as an eye health assessment. Eye drops to dilate the pupils may be required during the eye exam.

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Eye Exam On Kids

Vision testing, evaluation of eye movement, eye health assessment and much more.

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Insurance & Payments

We are pleased to accept most vision care plans as well as cash, debit, visa and mastercard. As a reminder, children 19 years and under and seniors 65 and over are covered annually through their ohip card. Diabetics and patients with certain eye conditions or diseases are also covered annually.

Visual Field Testing

Test to identify visual field loss for early detection of glaucoma and other disorders.

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