Dry Eye Disease Management

Do you experience dryness, itching, burning or watery eyes? Do your eyes feel gritty from time to time? Symptoms such as these may    be due to dry eye disease which affects 5 to 30% of the population! This disease occurs when the lacrimal glands aren’t able to produce sufficient tears or if the tears are evaporating too quickly from the eye (usually caused by a deficiency in the meibomian gland). This can be due to many different factors including certain types of medications, contact lenses, age and certain inflammatory disease processes. There is a broad range of severity for dry eye disease and many times can affect the quality of life. Luckily, with new advances in this field our doctors are able to identify the severity of dry eye and offer treatment options. These may include eye drops, eye vitamins, lifestyle changes, warm compresses, lacrimal plugs and/ or other in-office tre  atments. Specialized treatments for dry eye include the following: 

  • Punctal Plug Insertion Plugs are inserted into the drainage portion of your inner eyelids to help relieve symptoms of dry eyes. This technique can drastically improve comfort for people suffering from dry, gritty eyes. It is not recommended for everyone experiencing dryness.
  • New BLEPH-EX procedure: Revtaleyes Eye Care is one of the first practices in North America to offer a new in-office treatment for blepharitis. Blepharitis can be referred to as the grandfather of all eyelid diseases. It is widely responsible for symptoms ranging from itching, a need to constantly rub the eyes, a film over vision, redness, and severe dry eye disease. BlephEx is a new procedure to treat blepharitis by reducing the crusts and bacterial debris, the main causes of inflammatory lid disease, and improves the overall health of the eyelids. If you suffer from symptoms of itchy or scratchy eyes, tearing, crusting around lids, redness, and dry eyes, you may be a candidate for the BlephEx treatment. 

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Dry eye disease affects up to 30% of the population. We can help you manage it.

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We are pleased to accept most vision care plans as well as cash, debit, visa and mastercard. As a reminder, children 19 years and under and seniors 65 and over are covered annually through their ohip card. Diabetics and patients with certain eye conditions or diseases are also covered annually.

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