Diabetic Eye Care

People suffering from diabetes are more prone to serious eye diseases which can greatly affect their vision and quality of life. When the blood sugar is consistently high it affects the blood vessels of the retina which can lead to bleeding and fluid building up. This can cause vision loss. Also diabetics are more prone to cataract development. Due to these concerns, diabetics are covered annually through their OHIP card regardless of age. Our Optometrist will be able to evaluate the health of your eyes through a dilated eye examination and can protect your vision for years to come.

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Diabetic Eye Care

A dilated eye examination to evaluate the health of your eyes and can protect your vision.

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Insurance & Payments

We are pleased to accept most vision care plans as well as cash, debit, visa and mastercard. As a reminder, children 19 years and under and seniors 65 and over are covered annually through their ohip card. Diabetics and patients with certain eye conditions or diseases are also covered annually.

Dry Eye Diseases

Dry eye disease affects up to 30% of the population. We can help you manage it.

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